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Basic Computer Knowledge Questions Answers

 Basic Computer Knowledge Questions Answers

Fundamental & Basic computer knowledge questions and answers for preparing for competitive exams like bank exams, CSS, PPSC, SSC, CAT, and interviews.

Computer General Knowledge

Question: What is a computer?

A: A computer is an electronic device that can process and store data, perform calculations and carry out complex tasks, and connect to other devices and networks.

Question: What is the difference between hardware and software?

Answer: Hardware refers to the physical components of a computer system, such as the CPU, memory, and storage devices. Software refers to the instructions and programs that run on a computer, such as the operating system, applications, and utilities.

Question: What is an operating system?

Answer: An operating system (OS) is the software that manages and controls the hardware and software resources of a computer, and provides a user interface for interacting with the system. Examples include Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

Question: What is a CPU?

Answer: A central processing unit (CPU) is the primary processing chip in a computer, responsible for executing instructions and performing calculations. It is also known as the "brain" of the computer.

Question: What is RAM?

Answer: Random-access memory (RAM) is a type of computer memory that temporarily stores data and programs while they are in use. It allows the CPU to quickly access and process the data without needing to retrieve it from storage.

Question: What is a hard drive?

Answer: A hard drive, also known as a hard disk drive (HDD), is a type of computer storage device that uses magnetic disks to store and retrieve data. It is typically used for long-term storage of files, programs, and data.

Question: What is a network?

Answer: A network is a group of interconnected devices, such as computers and servers, that can communicate and share resources with each other. Examples include local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and the internet.

Question: What is a router?

Answer: A router is a device that connects multiple devices on a network and directs traffic between them. It is used to connect a LAN to a WAN, such as the internet, and can also be used to connect multiple LANs together.

Question: What is a firewall?

Answer: A firewall is a network security device that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic, based on a set of security rules. It is used to protect a network from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

Question: What is a browser?

Answer:A browser is a software application that allows users to access and navigate the internet, view web pages, and interact with online services. Examples include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Question: What is the World Wide Web?

Answer: The World Wide Web (WWW or Web) is a vast network of interconnected web pages, documents, and other resources that can be accessed and retrieved using a web browser. It is one of the most widely used services of the internet.

Question: What is a search engine?

Answer: A search engine is a software application that allows users to search for and retrieve information from the internet, such as web pages, images, and videos. Examples include Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Question: What is a URL?

Answer: A uniform resource locator (URL) is the address of a specific webpage or resource on the internet, such as "www.google.com". It is used to locate and access web pages, images, and other resources on the internet.

Question: What is a server?

Answer:  A server is a computer or device that provides resources and services to other computers or devices on a network. Examples include web servers, file servers, and email servers.

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